Remember to

"Do things which make your soul happy"


The luxury of being able to spend time for oneself and the things we love to do, has probably never been as rare as today. Long working days, the constant temptation of Internet and social media, prevent us from simply enjoying and living in the moment. The more important it is to break free every once and a while and to take the time for the things that truly fulfill us. To find happiness, we only have to stop, listen to our inner selves and

– Do things which make our soul happy.


Exercising is a good way to disconnect from stress. If it is running, cycling, swimming, skating or teamsports – the human needs some form of physical activity. It is a challenge to push oneself to exceed our limits of comfort – But every time we have overcome ourselves, we are rewarded with new energy that refreshes our body and mind. 

Nature has so many miracles every day to see. Every morning there is the miraculous spectacle of a sunrise. In warm summer nights, the sky is decorated with beautiful sparkling stars. Take time to discover the beauty that nature reveals every single day.

Socializing Time spent with friends and family is one of the most valuable things. It is the presence of other people that gives us inspirations and opens new paths.

Reading stimulates our own imagination and widens our horizons. Great minds have written great stories – why not learn from them. Let your mind go on a journey and be absorbed into another world.


Everything in the Universe is within you.

The soul of each individual is so unique that there are far more activities that bring us inner peace. As unique as we are, as varied are our passions. For some cooking might be fulfilling, while others might be wrapped up in painting and others enjoy technical hobbies. As varied the activities might be, they all have in common that we are fully living in the moment, enjoying the here and now with our own senses. We have feet to walk, a mind to think and a heart to feel – Everything in the Universe is within you.