Cityguide – Zürich

Cityguide Zürich

Zürich is probably one of the most beautiful cities. Having studied and lived there for several years, I associate this place with many memories and it will always be a home to me. The city that is the capital of the canton of the same name, Zürich, and lies on the river Limmat, is one of the most desirable cities in the world among people to live in. Ratings of quality of living have repeatedly distinguished Zürich on top positions. According to a recent study, the happiest people in the world live in Switzerland – all reasons to take a closer look.

Zürich is one of the most desirable cities in the world among people to live in.

Located at the impressive Zürich Lake with the Alps in the background, the postcard-like panorama could not be more perfect. The snow covered mountain peaks must have inspired the creators of the “Toblerone” chocolate. From the main station it is just a 15 minutes walk along the famous Bahnhofstrasse to the lake.

Ladies be prepared for shopping and boyfriends don`t leave your wallet at home, the Bahnhofstrasse is the primary shopping street in Switzerland. James Joyce, the famous Irish writer, is reputed to have once said that Zürich’s Bahnhofstrasse was so clean that one could drink minestrone soup off it. Besides retailers, numerous luxury stores have established here. Plan a stop at Sprüngli for a one of a kind Swiss chocolate treat or at Globus – My favorite warehouse. I would name it one of the most tasteful large stores. You should definitely see their delicacies department, even if it is just to get hungry.

James Joyce, the famous Irish writer, is reputed to have once said that Zürich’s Bahnhofstrasse was so clean that one could drink minestrone soup off it.

You can also take a “tram”, the streetcar of the city. Zürich has one of the best public transport systems with trains, trams and busses to arrive in minute cycles exactly on time – one way for visitors to experience Swiss precision. Public transportation is used by the majority of people as means of traffic every day – and they know why. If you are in Zürich, take the tram, it is comfortable, fast and a part of the city`s culture.


Besides the stunning panorama, it is also the architecture that renders Zürich so beautiful. “Niederdorf” is a part of Zurich`s historic district. If you prefer an atmosphere that is less fancy and more relaxed, take a stroll in the narrow winding streets. You can find neat individual boutiques, small restaurants, rustic bars and pubs here. From Niederdorf, it is a short walk uphill to the  Universities.

The University of Zürich and ETH next to each other reside above the city as impressive institutions. The historic buildings can be recognized even from a distance. Both Universities have gained a prestigious reputation, especially the technical University ETH counts numerous Nobel Prize winners and even Albert Einstein studied here for several years. At the “Polyterrasse”, a terrace connecting both institutions, you can enjoy an amazing view over the city and the lake. – The impressive Alps in the distance mesmerized me every day.



Zürich is the largest cultural city in the country. There are many museums, concert halls and theaters. Visit the Opera and Tonhalle for classical music, the Kunsthaus for famous art or one of the countless small cinemas.

During winter you can go skiing in the nearby mountains, a paradise for all winter sports enthusiasts. In summer, however, all life is centered around the water. The Zürich Lake and Limmat river offer endless possibilities to refresh,  whether it is in one of the many public baths or you just jump in – Switzerland`s lakes have one of the best water qualities. The lake is surrounded by beautiful green areas. “Chinawiesen” and  “Arboretum” are two popular parks, where people love to barbecue and relax in the summertime. On weekends, the lake is crowded with hundreds of sailboats and visitor ships are transporting on deck curious tourists from all over the world.

Zurich Lake

It might be surprising when I say that Zürich is one of the most romantic cities I know. The scenic environment offers multiple breathtaking viewpoints. One of my favorite is from “Hönggerberg”. Close to the recreation area “Waid”, the city is lying underneath you like a sleeping village. You can also take a stroll in “Belvoirpark”- one of the pearls of Zürich`s park resources. In the heart of the romantic park, you can find the ancient villa Escher and catch a glimpse of the Zürich Lake.

Bars and restaurants

If you are fanatic to bars, discos and nightclubs, in Zürich you have 500 options to choose from. Many people will associate this city with exclusivity, and noblesse, but areas like Zürich West are rising vibrant parts that are popular among many young people and students. “Langstrasse” is not on the list of Zürich`s most beautiful streets, but it is crowded with bars and nightclubs making it the most vivid street for nightlife.



“Korner” is a Gourmet Burger Restaurant and Bar that also offers salads, sweets and snacks. The delicious burgers are served by a friendly service. With wine, spirits, beers and a selection of drinks from around the world, their motto is “Drink Global – Eat Local”. The restaurant emphasizes on high quality food by using local ingredients and freshly minced Swiss Highland Beef. The best gourmet burger and a charming local smile are waiting for you in a relaxing atmosphere – just around the “Korner”.

Korner Food

Korner. Gartenstrasse 10, 8002 Zürich


Zürich has many exclusive bars and restaurants. One top location is certainly “Clouds”. Located on the 35. floor of prominent Prime Tower, Clouds offers high quality gastronomy above the roofs of Zürich. The restaurant, bistro and bar are unique locations to have a delicious brunch in the morning, dinner in the evening or drink at night. Enjoy excellent service in a sophisticated atmosphere surrounded by a stunning panorama. Tables in the restaurant are popular;  it is advisable to make a reservation in advance.

Clouds. Maagplatz 5, 8005 Zürich.

Clouds Bar


Clouds Restaurant



“Bohemia” is a restaurant in American brasserie style. I love the atmosphere and the tasteful interior with colorful wall paintings in art decor style. Bohemia`s extensive menu offers fish and meat specialties from the wooden stove grill,  fresh salads, pasta dishes or great homemade cakes. Every weekend from 9 am until 4 pm, there is a delicious brunch, which I can warmly recommend. In the evening, the stylish bar invites for a convivial drink with friends.

Bohemia. Klosbachstrasse 2, 8032 Zürich.

Bohemia Restaurant & Bar



Zürich is expensive – no doubt. Eating out can therefore get shockingly costly, especially for visitors. “Tschingg”, however, is a small neat restaurant that offers great pasta for an affordable price. All ingredients are organic and every portion is freshly made. Daily menus are seasonal varying with prices starting at 8 $. No wonder, “Tschingg” is popular among young people. I used to love this place, for an uncomplicated, laid-back lunch break with friends. The restaurant with a refreshing style has one of the best price ratios in Zürich. “Tschingg” can can be found at three locations with the most central in Oberdorf.

Tschingg in Oberdorf

Tschingg Oberdorf. Oberdorfstrasse 2. 8001 Zürich.

Tschingg Stauffacher. Lutherstrasse 4. 8004 Zürich.

Tschingg Oerlikon. Schaffhausterstrasse 353. 8050 Zürich Oerlikon.



ApoTHEKE – Café and Bar – Zürichbergstrasse 17, 8032 Zürich.

Café LangLimmatplatz 7, 8005 Zürich.

Frau Gerolds Garten – Restaurant, Bar & Open-air Biergarden – Geroldstrasse 23/23a, 8005 Zürich.

Hugos Biergarten. Basteiplatz, 8001 Zürich.

Gartenhof – Mediterranean Restaurant – Gartenhofstrasse 1, 8004 Zürich.

Maison Blunt – Maroccan restaurant, Café, Breakfast, Brunch – Gasometerstrasse 5, 8005 Zürich.

Rimini Bar – Open air Bar at river – Badweg 10, 8001 Zürich.

Stubä – Sandwiches, Brunch, Cocktails – 8004, Brauerstrasse 42, 8004 Zürich.

Tibits – vegetarian and vegan eatry – Seefeldstrasse 2, 8008 Zürich.