Running Love

There are a lot of health benefits of running that have been proven by researchers. The reason why I run is because

– it makes me feel good.

I run, whenever it feels right. Sometimes I run in the morning, other times late at night. I run on the treadmill, along rivers, through vineyards, small towns or at the beach. But no matter when or where I go for a run – I return with an amazing feeling. My body feels rejuvenated, my mind is fresh, my head is clear, the concentration is on point. I can feel the oxygen through my veines, the energy that is being recharged.  IMG_8829

I love the challenge of overcoming oneself. Music is one of the best motivators. I always listen to music while running. A good song can stimulate your emotions and push your adrenaline to a higher level. Every step is easy, it feels like the environment flies by and you realize that

– The only limits that exist are the one`s in your mind –