Avocado Shake Avocado Shake

Avocados are one of the world`s healthiest foods – No wonder that they have become a popular fruit to eat. In countries like Morocco, Indonesia and Vietnam, however, avocados are also used for drinks. The creamy consistency is a perfect ingredient for a nutritious shake. Avocados contain healthy fatty acids that are the same like those in olive oil and can prevent breast cancer or heart disease. Although avocados are a “fat” fruit, they can be beneficial for weight loss. The monounsaturated fatty acids help to keep you full and satisfied for a lasting time. 

A Popular Super Food



  • 1/2 avocado
  • Milk
  • Some lemon juice (fresh pressed)
  • Crushed ice
  • Maple syrup



Blend all ingredients in a mixer and sweeten with maple syrup accoording to your taste. Start off with little syrup, but you might have to add more to neutralize the sourness of the lemon. The shake is super nourishing, I would recommend to prepare a small portion and not to drink it if you have planned a meal – you will be filled up for the next hours ;).