Frankfurt`s most stylish Eateries

Frankfurt`s most stylish Eateries Frankfurt`s stylish Restaurants

Frankfurt is renowned as a worldwide financial center. That the city`s gastronomy scene is one of the best of the country, however, is unknown to many. The multicultural melting pot offers plenty of creative bars, cafés and restaurants.

– A selection of Frankfurt`s most stylish eateries.

When you approach the sleek skyline of Frankfurt with it`s tall buildings, the smell of business lies in the air. The financial industry shapes the skyline and character of the city. If you get to know Frankfurt better, however, you will realize that the city that is charmingly called “Mainhattan” is anything but sleek. In the past years, the city has witnessed a gastronomical revolution that even hip Berlin gets jealous of. Numerous stylish bars, cafés and restaurants have popped up, areas like the once shady “Bahnhofsviertel” have turned into hotspots for a vibrant nightlife. Talking about Frankfurt`s innovative restaurant scene, there is no way of getting around James and David Ardinast. The Frankfurt born brothers have created several stylish eateries like “Maxie Eisen” and “Stanely Diamond” that are reinventing traditional gastronomy. Together, they have spurred the city`s restaurant and subcultural scene like no one else. This article is a homage to Frankfurt`s innovative gastronomes that are bringing creativity and a soul to “Mainhattan”.


A gastronomical revolution that even hip Berlin gets jealous of


James and David Ardinast
James and David Ardinast

Stanley Diamond

Stanley Diamond is the latest restaurant of the Ardinast brothers. The bar and restaurant in the scenic “Bahnhofsviertel” has already become one of the hottest spots of the city. Away from fast-paced hipster eateries, the gastronomes wanted to get back to the roots of the classical restaurant business – Traditional dishes prepared in a modern way. The classy interior design dominated by shining grey marble supplements the fine dining experience. Prices are not a bargain, but fair and still below equal gastronomical levels. If you want to enjoy high quality food & service in a stylish atmosphere – Stanley Diamond is a must.

Main dish_RinderfiletStanley Diamond. Ottostraße 16-18, 6032, Frankfurt, Germany.


Maxie Eisen

Maxie Eisen
Maxie Eisen

The trendy pastrami bar Maxie Eisen is another creative eatery of the Ardinast brothers located in the “Bahnhofsviertel”. Named after a Jewish Mafiosi of the 1920s, it alludes to the former criminal character of this area. The café is one of the very few places in Germany where the Jewish American sandwich specialty can be enjoyed – of which some say it beats any in New York. At night, the bar next door invites to dive in Frankfurt`s nightlife – and maybe to still catch a glimpse of the shadiness of the “Bahnhofsviertel”.

Maxie Eisen. Münchener Straße 18, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany.

Pizzeria Montana

Pizza Montana
Pizzeria Montana

If it comes to the best pizza, opinions are deeply divided. What is pizza heaven for some, might be disappointing for others. There are a lot of good Italian restaurants in Frankfurt. If you want to eat an authentic piece of Napoli in the fanciest pizzeria of the city, you should try “Pizzeria Montana”. The eatery where pizzas are served out of a yellow big smiley stone oven, peps up the traditional Italian restaurant business a bit. Pizzeria Montana is a popular stop among young people, on weekends you can enjoy great wood fired pizza until 11 pm in the night. Their motto states what every woman always knew “You are always hungry – get used to it”.

You are always hungry – get used to it

Pizza Montana. Weserstraße 14, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany.


Jamy `s Burger

Jamy`s Burger
Double Angus Beef at Jamy`s Burger

Jamy`s Burger is representing a new burger generation. Away from low budget fast food to high-quality standards – The love for great burgers can be felt with every bite. For their mouth watering burgers, Jamy`s Burger only uses fresh Angus beef and carefully picked ingredients. I can also warmly recommend to enjoy one of their tasty homemade lemonades. The restaurant opened a couple of years ago, but has quickly grown into a popular burger hotspot. Jamy`s Burger is operating two locations in Frankfurt today, stop by if you want to taste the city`s best burger –  a must for every burger enthusiast.


A New Burger Generation


Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 1, Frankfurt, Germany.

Neue Kräme 14-16, Frankfurt, Germany

Papa Enj

Papa Enj is a bird of paradise in between the chicness of the Opera Square. The unpretentious restaurant does not fit into the usual picture of Frankfurt`s jet set. The gastronomical idea of simplicity instead of extravagance, however, is well received. In a charming atmosphere, a selection of 10 weekly varying dishes are served. The carefully curated menu offers exceptional food like Australian Rib Eye and ravioli with truffle butter. Papa Enj`s innovative culinary concept is breaking stereotypes in a charming way.

Papa Enj. Opernplatz 12, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany.




The small  Korean restaurant Sonamu is a neat eatery located at the lively “Berger Straße”. In a modern design, you can enjoy fresh authentic Korean dishes for reasonable prices. The Korean word “Sonamu” means “pine tree” translated – and so is the beautiful interior fully covered with light wood only interrupted by a few red accents. The cozy atmosphere is complemented by a super friendly service, gladly helping out anyone who is not acquainted with the Korean cuisine. Sonamu is a great place for a joyful social evening with friends and lovely Korean food.

Sonamu. Berger Str. 184, 60385, Frankfurt, Germany.



The embodiment of an urban restaurant

The stylish Italian restaurant Vaivai must not be missed in the list of Frankfurt`s trendiest eateries. The rustic industrial design and open show kitchen represent the embodiment of a modern urban restaurant. Their menu offers traditional Italian country cuisine with great steaks and prawns from the grill. Vaivai pursues a holistic concept integrating bar, restaurant and lounge – Start the evening with delicious food and finish the night with good music and drinks.

Vaivai. Grüneburgweg 16, 60322, Frankfurt, Germany.




If you are talking about high-class Japanese cuisine, there is no way of getting round Moriki. Located on the ground floor of the “Deutsche Bank” towers, the restaurant offers a remarkable pan Asian crossover kitchen that has even been recognized by the NY Times. In an elegant atmosphere, guests can fully enjoy the excellence of Japanese culinary Art. The comprehensive menu offers traditional Asian cuisine interpreted in a modern way. You can choose from a wide selection of freshly prepared sushis, wok specialties or exotic variations like sushi pizza. Taste the flavor of Asia in one of Frankfurt`s best sushi restaurants – Moriki.

Moriki. Taunusanlage 12, 60325, Frankfurt, Germany.

Japanese Culinary Art

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 6.49.45 AM
Sushi chefs at Moriki