Top 12 Career Tips from Jessica Alba & Co

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The online platform Create & Cultivate organized another successful conference for female entrepreneurs in the creative digital space. More than 500 women attended the event in Downtown LA hosting some of the most influential bloggers, stylists and business women. In the stylish setup of a converted downtown warehouse, a mecca for creative minds was showcased. Among beautifully curated pop-up shops, healthy smoothie and snack bars, the attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas in seminars and penal discussions.

Keynote speakers Jessica Alba, founder of the billion dollar empire “Honest Company”, star stylist Rachel Zoe and TV host Chelsea Handler shared some inspiring words on the road to success – which can be long and strenuous at times. In a series of interviews the stars gushed about first business meetings, personal experiences and key lessons they have learned. What does it need to be successful in today`s business sphere?

– Let`s listen to what these girl bosses had to say.



#1 Listen to Your Gut

“I undervalued how important it is to trust your gut…that thing that wakes you up in sweats at 2 am? You kind of want to listen to that.”

Jessica Alba


#2 Follow Your Passion

“Have patience and passion for what you do, because I don`t think you can be good at something if you don`t love it.”

Rachel Zoe


#3 Self-Confidence

“Believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself, otherwise there is no way that anyone else will believe in you.”

Chelsea Handler

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#4 Be Yourself

“Be yourself. Do not try to be another blogger. You will just be second best.”

Andy Torres

“I can`t be anybody but me. Be loud, be bold, but you`re benefitting from the weirdness of yourself, so just let it go.”

Chelsea Handler


#5 Build a Great Team

“Surround yourself with people who have done it before and support your weaknesses with their strengths. Be open and learn from them.”

Jessica Alba

“I can have it all, but I can`t do it all.”

Corrine Stokoe

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#6 Keep Going

“I went through three years of rejection and running into brickwall after brickwall after brickwall..when people kept saying no, instead of it defeating me, it gave me the fire to keep going.”

Jessica Alba

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#7 Exercise Patience

“If it`s inside of you, you should do it. Work hard. Oprah was not built in a day.”

Sarah Gibson Tuttle

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#8 Believe in it

“You have to believe in it. Everyday I just knew that the Honest Company needed to exist. It just had to.”

Jessica Alba

Chelsea Handler

#9 Inspire Others

“There is nothing that is more exciting than when you know that you`re inspiring people.”

Chelsea Handler

JA Mirror

#10 Prioritize

“Choose the top three priorities for your day I know I can`t do it all today, but I can get these three things done.”

Whitney English


#11 Take Time for a Break

“Sometimes you have to slow down in order to be ready to grow later on..take a step back, and then you`re ready to propel yourself into the next thing.”

Corrine Stokoe

“Take a step back, to move three steps forward.”

Alisha Marie


#12 Let go of the Little Things

“I wake up every morning stressed out and sometimes I have to tell myself, SHUT UP. You`re fucking amazing.”

Chelsea Handler

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