Italian Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto Mushroom Risotto

These November days are getting brisk. Every reason to take the time and cook some delicious recipes – like this homemade mushroom risotto (Risotto ai funghi). All you need for this popular Italian rice dish is butter, risotto rice, white wine, broth and Parmesan cheese. For the lovely creamines, it is essential to stir, stir.. and repeatedly add broth. There are endless risotto variations, but this picante mushroom risotto is the favorite of Italian`s north – and perfect to welcome the brisk November. 




  • Brown champignons
  • Wild mushrooms
  • 1 onion
  • Butter, olive oil
  • Risotto rice
  • 1/8 l white wine
  • 3 tbsp. liquid cream
  • 0.5 l vegetable broth



Start to clean the mushrooms and slice them. Next, in a saucepan, sauté the onions in some butter & olive oil. Add the rice and mushrooms. Pour the wine and some vegetable broth. Let it boil up and subsequently reduce the heat to let it simmer for about 25 minutes. Pour another ladle of broth every time the liquid has been absorbed. When the rice is done, add the grated Parmesan cheese and liquid cream. Before serving, season to taste with salt & pepper; sprinkle some parsley for extra freshness and the mushroom risotto is ready –  Quick and easy, like I promised.