Frankfurt`s Arts Districts – Behind the Scenes of The Banking Metropolis

fullsizeoutput_e3fFrankfurt, the banking metropolis, financial center and headquarters of the European Central Bank, is characterized by it`s sleek city image. Grey skyscrapers, suit & ties seem to rule the streets, rather than arts and creativity. But if you take a look behind the scenes of the banking metropolis, you will discover another side: Colorful murals, impressive artwork and meaningful messages – Frankfurt`s hidden Arts Districts.

–  Frankfurt `s Hidden Arts Districts –

If you want to find the creative streak of Frankfurt, you need to walk off the beaten paths. At places like the “Friedensbrücke” (Peace Bridge) and “Naxoshalle”, street artists have adorned grey facades, breathing life into the steely body of the city. Especially “COR”, one of Frankfurt most renowned street artists, has left a footprint with his impressive large-scale murals. Addressing global issues like the refugee crisis, racism and our capitalistic society, his artwork is a powerful call for humanity.

“A Message To The Adults”

“Message to the Adults” by COR, “Friedensbrücke”

Not far away from the city center, under the columns of the “Friedensbrücke” (Peace Bridge), “Message to The Adults” by COR is an impressive peace message by the children of this world. The 3 large images show children of different cultural backgrounds with a large peace sign painted on their face. The blaze of colors, however, is blurring boundaries over the universal call for peace.


“Heart of Humanity”

“Heart of Humanity” by COR, “Friedensbrücke”

The “Heart of Humanity” is another artwork by “COR” at the Peace Bridge. The anatomical image of the heart is a reminder of our sameness and a call for kindness & humanity. As a child, COR, whose real name is Justus Becker, survived a serious heart disease. Today, he lives and works in Frankfurt under the pseudonym “COR”, meaning “heart” in Latin and reflects in some of his artwork the symbolic heart.


At the former industrial site of the “Naxoshalle”, a playground for artists & creatives is hidden. Located in Frankfurt`s vibrant East end, the closed factory plant accommodates art studios, the Naxos cinema and a theater. In the backyard of the building, countless graffiti and large-scale murals are creating a colorful street art oasis.

Waldschmidtstraße 19, 60316 Frankfurt am Main