Frankfurt, the German metropolis at the Main river, attracts people from all over the world. Not many people know that the financial center is creative, cool and innovative! These are the hippest eateries, best bars & hangout spots you have to know when you visit the banking metropolis.


– A Mixture of tradition & modernity –

“Brückenviertel” in Sachsenhausen is one of Frankfurt`s most attractive and creative districts. The dynamic neighborhood is a place where individuality and diversity are lived, creating a refreshing spirit of urban vitality. Discover innovative shops, bars & restaurants, small designer stores and young labels. Different from the main streets, the neighborhood is characterized by a familiar atmosphere and a great community. People know each other, shop owners help each other out and welcome customers with a down-to earth friendliness.

Individuality is lived

It is the mix of traditional shops and individual boutiques that creates the special flair of the “Brückenviertel”. Lovers of good food and drink can find traditional cider bars like Ebbelwoi- Unsere Apfelwirtschaft, where you can get insight into Frankfurts deeply rooted apple wine (“Ebbelwoi”) tradition. Pottery “Maurer” still produces the handcrafted clay jugs in which the apple wine is traditionally served and locals charmingly call “Bembel”. Every year in September, the district of the Brückenviertel presents it`s best side at the annual Brücken Wall-Fest, the coolest of all street festivals.


The tasty Italian Sandwiches of “Fame” are the perfect savory lunch snack. Inspired by markets in Rome, Marco and Lisa Porrello opened the sandwich shop at Wallstraße, where in a familiar atmosphere, you can enjoy tasty Italian sandwiches with a small side. Choose between a classic Porchetta, pulled chicken or “Americano” and a homemade spicy paprika sauce, which is the hit! On beautiful days, you can relax in the sun with a cold Italian beer or a homemade lemonade. Wallstraße 10, 60594 Frankfurt am Main


Every Saturday in a backyard at “Wallstraße”, foodies can taste a selected variety of awesome street food at “Markt im Hof”. The creative food stands offer international inspired cuisines using local ingredients. Cinnamon buns, pastrami sandwiches, delicious fruit smoothies from Madame Herrlich and not to forget “Bully`s Burger Truck” – The hip market has turned into a popular spot for creatives & young families, a perfect weekend activity to enjoy good food with friends! Wallstraße 11, 60594 Frankfurt, every Saturday 10:00 – 18:00


If you enter the small grocery store “Casa de Portugal”, it feels like a throwback to your last Portugal vacation. The smell of Portuguese pastries, cheese and baking goods lies in the air. Christoph Piedade is „Casa de Portugal” and the master of „Pastel de Nata“, the famous vanilla cream tarts. Enjoy a “Galão”, the signature Portuguese style coffee made of espresso and foamed milk – and you feel like you are in Lisboa! Brückenstraße 60, 60594 Frankfurt


Handmade organic ice cream from high-quality, organic ingredients – This is what the funky ice spot BIZZI ICE stands for. New York Cheesecake, Coconut-Chia, Milk-Mint, Pineapple-Coriander – The varieties of the popular café bring a fresh taste to traditional ice cream. BIZZI Ice has been awarded with the Great Taste Award and a selected variety is also available at local grocery stores.  Wallstraße 26, 60594 Frankfurt


Japamala & Friends, part of “Happy Color Boutique”, brings young urban fashion from Barcelona to Frankfurt. Different from big chain stores, you can shop individual pieces like colorful dresses, boho-hip pants & fringe handbags here. The small boutique brings a bit of Spanish flair and a splash of color to the diverse “Brückenviertel”. Wallstraße 12, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

“Good Times for Good People”

“Good Times For Good People” is the bar with the coolest vibes in Frankfurt! Expect a greeting E.T, delicious drinks (the raspberry smash is lit!) and a great crowd celebrating the night away to deep house & old school hits. The popular bar is open and crowded every night. Who likes it a bit more chilled, stops by during the day. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can enjoy weekly specials & tasty homemade cakes. Who does not want to have good times?  Eschnenheimer Tor 3, 60318 Frankfurt am Main


Bareburger Germany
Photos: Bareburger Germany

The organic burger chain “Bareburger” from New York has opened their first European restaurant in Frankfurt at “Schweizer Platz” – With overwhelming success. The hip eatery serves the best juicy burgers, sweet potato fries and organic drinks. Bareburger is refreshing, cool and always busy, one of the best food concepts in Frankfurt that families, young people and even sleek bankers love. A sign at the restrooms says “Men to the left, because women are always right” – I love this spot! Schweizer Str. 56, 60594 Frankfurt am Main


-The urban restaurant of today-

“Laube Liebe Hoffnung” (Arbor Love Hope) serves fresh seasonal kitchen in a very special location. The wooden arbor surrounded by green is an eye catcher and the perfect escape in the middle of Frankfurt. The restaurant serves seasonal fresh meals with products that are locally sourced. In a modern design, the ‘good old days’ are lovingly re-interpreted. Arbor Love Hope is the perfect embodiment of the urban restaurant of today! Pariser Str. 11, 60326 Frankfurt am Main

“BLAUES WASSER” (Blue Water)

The perfect summer location

At Frankfurt`s east end, one of the hippest pop-up beach bars is located. “Blaues Wasser”, meaning Blue Water, feels like a garden right at the banks of the “Main” river. A spacious outside patio and open-air bar are inviting for evening drinks. Relax in the cozy beach chairs and listen to party tunes while looking out at the “blue water”- Simply enjoy the atmosphere at this perfect summer location! Franziusstraße 35, 60314 Frankfurt am Main


– Skyline Views & Industrial Chic –

Right at the shores of the “Main” river and only a stones throw away from the European Central Bank, the industrial-chic restaurant “Oosten” is one of Frankfurts top locations. Enjoy the city skyline and the special atmosphere along the riverbanks a bit out of the hustle. Several decks, including a beer garden, lounge and a skyline bar are the perfect location to watch a sunset against the backdrop of Frankfurt`s impressive skyline. Mayfarthstraße 4, 60314 Frankfurt am Main



Brückenviertel: Area around Wallstraße, Brückenstraße and Schifferstraß

Ebbelwoi- Unsere Apfelwirtschaft Abtsgäßchen 8, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Töpferei Maurer (Pottery) Wallstraße 5, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

FAME – The Sandwich Shop Wallstraße 10, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Markt im Hof Wallstraße 11, 60594 Frankfurt, every Saturday 10:00 – 18:00

Casa de Portugal Brückenstraße 60 Frankfurt am Main

Japamala & Friends Wallstraße 12, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

BIZZI ICE Wallstraße 26, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Good Times for Good People Eschnenheimer Tor 3, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

Bareburger Schweizer Str. 56, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Arbor Love Hope (“Laube Liebe Hoffnung) Pariser Str. 11, 60326 Frankfurt am Main

Blaues Wasser (“Blue Water”) Franziusstraße 35, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

Oosten Mayfarthstraße 4, 60314 Frankfurt am Main