REGENSBURG-Germany`s Medieval Miracle

Regensburg Regensburg (with Donau river and Old Stone Bridge)

Regensburg, the idyllic Bavarian town located at the “Donau” river is one of Germany`s most beautiful Medieval wonders. The UNESCO world heritage site enchants with a large number of colorful historic buildings and Mediterranean flair. The student town offers a rich nightlife with a lively café & restaurant scene. Beautiful beer gardens, hip bars – Regensburg is a vibrant mix of Bavarian charm & youthfulness.

Germany`s Medieval Miracle

The large number of well-preserved historical buildings define the special character of Regensburg. Among the city`s most famous landmarks are the Stone Bridge and the Cathedral of Regensburg, a prime example of Gothic architecture. Germany`s Medieval Miracle is dotted with colorful ancient house facades that create a warm Mediterranean flair. The city`s old town contains many historical sights of exceptional quality that testify to Regensburg`s history as a trading center.

Because of the city´s unique status as “the only authentically preserved large medieval city in Germany” the Old Town of Regensburg was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Colorful house facades & Mediterranean flair

Old Stone Bridge (“Steinerne Brücke”)

The Stone Bridge (“Steinerne Brücke”) is one of Regensburg`s historic landmarks. The medieval monument has served as a model for many other bridges, including the famous Charles Bridge in Prague. “Steinerne Brücke” is Germany’s oldest vaulted stone bridge and for more than 800 years it has been the city’s only bridge across the river.

The landmark of Regensburg

Café Orphée

Café Orphée is a tradition-steeped café that brings authentic French feeling to Regensburg. Red plush settees, dark wood and cinema posters dominate the artsy atmosphere at the Parisian-style bistro. The Mediterranean menu includes French classics such as Coq au vin, tasty salads and refreshing drinks. Above the restaurant, Hotel Orphée is an atmospheric overnight accommodation right in the heart of Regensburg. Enjoy vintage feeling in one of the individually designed rooms decorated with antique furniture. Prices are starting at 115 Euro per night. Untere Bachgasse 8, 93047 Regensburg

(Photo Credit: Hotel Orphée)


The Spanish Tapas bar BODEGA brings Spain to the center of Regensburg. In the cozy inner courtyard adorned with artwork, colorful paintings and chains of lights, you can enjoy great tapas and wine. Experience the feeling of a real fiesta, when occasionally also live music plays for the perfect Spanish night. You can visit their homepage for upcoming events. Untere Bachgasse 8, 93047 Regensburg


Bavaria is world famous for it`s tradition of sausages and “Sauerkraut”. The oldest sausage diner in the world, however, is located in Regensburg. “Wurtskuchl” is a historic spot right at the Donau river close to the Old Stone Bridge, where since over 500 years homemade sausages with sauerkraut and sweet mustard are served. Not much has changed since then, inside of the small tavern sausages are still grilled on an ancient charcoal barbecue – the best until today! Thundorferstraße 3, 93047 Regensburg

The world`s oldest sausage diner

“Oma Plüsch”

“Oma Plüsch” is one of Regensburg`s beautiful beer gardens. The cozy spot right after the iron bridge (“Eiserne Brücke”) is perfect place to relax in the summertime and cool down in the shadow of old trees. The oldest traditional tavern (“Wirtshaus”) was combined with the oldest student pub of the city that is now charmingly called “Oma in da Antn”. Badstraße 32, 93059 Regensburg http://oma-plü


Regensburg is a lively city with lots of events and fests going on all year round. “Dult”, the city`s Volksfest takes place twice a year in May and autumn between August and September. As a smaller version of Munich`s Oktober Fest, “Dult” is a great way to celebrate Bavarian tradition of beer tents, live music and “Dirndl”. Am Protzenweiher, 93059 Regensburg

“Maidult” – May 12 – 28, 2017

“Herbstdult” – August 25 – September 10, 2017



Hemingway`s Bar & Café Obere Bachgasse 3-5, 93047 Regensburg

Paletti Bar Pustetpassage, Gesandtenstraße 6, 93047 Regensburg

Café & Hotel Orphée Untere Bachgasse 8, 93047 Regensburg

Wurstkuchl Thundorferstraße 3, 93047 Regensburg

Bodega Spanish Tapas Bar Untere Bachgasse 8, 93047 Regensburg

Oma Plüsch Badstraße 32 93059 Regensburg http://oma-plü