The Perks of Choosing a Creative Life

The days of imitative, rule-bound approaches are over. In almost every part of our society, creative people have an edge over those who simply stick to the existing & known. From CEOs to athletes, from entrepreneurs to soccer moms, the skills of flexibility & innovation have become one of the most valuable resources for today`s success.

A Fragrance of Health & Happiness

I never considered myself a “creative person”. With a degree in finance, I was never really interested in digging too much into the mysteries of life and I assumed being just like everyone else would be pretty much satisfying. When I started writing my blog, however, I realized that there is a much more enlightened life. A Creative Life that is a bigger, a happier and a hell of a lot more fun life as Elizabeth Gilbert states in her acclaimed bestseller “Big Magic”.

Many people get wrong that creativity is bound to being an artist or poet and to paint all day. Creativity has endless facets and ways of expressions. Everybody can be creative in their own way. Being creative simply means you are living a mindful life and being wholeheartedly yourself. At the end of the day, creativity is a fragrance of your own health. Happy people are the most creative people and creativity in turn creates happiness. So, both happiness and creativity are inseparably linked.

Unleash your Creativity

Last year, Adidas released a powerful campaign under the title “Sports needs creators”. Even in sports, you need something more powerful than hard work & dedication to make a difference. – Your creativity. The sports brand shows the personal stories of famous athletes using creativity as their difference maker and key to success. Unleash your creativity and see how far you can go, is the message that Adidas is spreading.

“Those who stick to a given set of tools are at a significant disadvantage to people with a creative mindset.”

In fact, in today`s complex world, the ability to respond creatively to new challenges is as vital as never. In almost every part of our society, are those who stick to a given set of tools at a significant disadvantage to people with a creative mindset. Eventually, creativity is a by-product of dreaming. Only those who possess the imagination to dream, are able to create something new that does not even exist yet.


Creativity is one of the great mysteries of life and might never be fully understood. But without creativity, our world would be bound to the usual, the boring and the expected. Have the courage to do something NEW, be DIFFERENT – and CREATE something. There is nothing more valuable for our society and for your own happiness than expressing your uniqueness. Bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you.

-Why else are you here?