ENCINITAS-Endless Summer in California

The magical city of Encinitas is an unspoiled reminder of Southern-California`s thriving beach & surf culture. Hip coffee shops, cool eateries and funky boutiques along a stunning coastline. Enjoy this endless summer in Encinitas – One of the last funky beach towns in Southern California!


Some people say the best thing ever happened to Encinitas is the railroad, others argue the best thing that ever happened is that nothing ever happened here. Encinitas, located about 30 minutes North of San Diego, is one of the very few places where you can still find California`s old-school coastal lifestyle. Friendly people, relaxed surf dudes and splendid beaches – For some reason the beach town has managed to stay in it`s own magical sphere.

The free-spirited lifestyle has drawn surfers & yogis since the early 90s-and still lives in until today.

In Old Encinitas, along the Historic Pacific Coast Highway 101, you can find an eclectic array of splendid restaurants, funky eateries and cool shops. The vibrant beach vibes of the city, which is made up by the communities of Leucadia, Olivenhain and Cardiff-by-the Sea, attracts locals as well as big money. It is the free-spirited, bohemian lifestyle without any superfluous hassle that has drawn surfers and yogis since the early 90 – and still lives in until today.

There is this special  nostalgia surrounding Encinitas that can be felt every time the honk of the Amtrak train sounds. Every third Thursday of the month, the historic spirit of the beach town revives with a classic old-timer night. Despite small-town vibes, the city is considered the “Flower Capital of the World” due to it`s extensive collection of gardens, most impressive of which is the San Diego Botanic Garden, formerly Quail Botanical Gardens, with an area of 37 acres (150,000 m2).

Local Coffee Shops & Hip Eateries

Haggos`s Organic Tacos

It is the large number of fantastic little restaurants, coffee shops and eclectic boutiques that render Encinitas it`s vibrant flair. The century-old Downtown 101 coastal shopping district features eateries in splendid diversity and quality.

If you want to get a glimpse of the spirit of Encinitas, start your day at Coffee Coffee. Connected to the surf shop “Surfy Surfy”, the 2 businesses perfectly reflect the city`s blend of surf culture & funky eateries. Super friendly staff is serving hearty breakfast, tasty sandwiches or pastries. – I looove their cinnamon roll, simply heaven! Better Buzz Coffee is another cool café in Encinitas that is almost an institution. The popular coffee spot is always busy and a vibrant place to get your coffee buzz along with healthy toasts and Açai Bowls!

Vegan Bowl at “Eve”, one of the many healthy food options in Encinitas

The Taco Stand is the coolest Taco shop I know. The funky Mexican eatery is crowded around peak times, so expect to wait in line for dinner, but it`s definitely worth it! The Taco Stand combines authentic Mexican food with creative coolness – a must in Southern California`s Taco Shop culture. Haggo`s Organic Taco is a healthy version of Mexican food with organic ingredients and healthy sides. The super-ethical, unpretentious taco joint couldn’t embody more the spirit of it`s host town!


Encinitas is all about life around the beaches, which are considered by locals as hidden gems. The stunning coastline is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in California with excellent surfing conditions. – Encinitas has been named among the 20 best surf towns by National Geographic in the past. Relaxed surf dudes with sun-bleached hair and tanned skin are crossing the streets, carrying their surf boards down the steep coast. Swami`s Beach is a popular surf spot that was immortalised by the Beach Boys in their song “Surfing USA”. If you take a walk along the beach, you can find the partially exposed reef and soak up the magical light especially during sunset.

Moonlight State Beach is another coastal gem. The wide & flat family beach was named after the midnight picnics local residents used to have in the early 1900s. – You can still enjoy the hippie feeling under the free sky today.


Self Realization Fellowship Garden

As you drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, the golden domes of The Self Realization Fellowship Temple shine bright in the sunlight as in a fairytale of 1001 nights. The temple was founded by Paramhansa Yolanda in 1920 as a retreat for spirituals and yogis. What visitors might not know, the palace hides a beautiful garden with scenic views of the coastline. – A divine place to find peace of mind!

A Divine Place to find Peace of Mind

When people ask me what it is that draws me to Encinitas, I say it is the free-spirited lifestyle, the bohemian feel, the endless beach vibes and creative inspiration that I draw from here. Encinitas just has this very own magic. – A place you always come back to unwind and to find yourself. You might understand a bit more now, but see with your own eyes and experience this endless Summer in Encinitas,

XO Jessica


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