Monday Quote: The Beauty of Letting Things Go

Autumn Days Autumn Days

I have been mesmerized by the sheer beauty of fall. Colorful alleys, the shimmer of golden light flashing in the shadow of forests and sparkling rivers winding through vibrant parks. It seems like nature is demonstrating with all ferocity it`s stunning beauty before embarking on a deep winter sleep. It is not always easy of letting things go, but autumn is nature`s way of demonstrating the beauty of change.

Let Things Fall

Leaves are falling, crops are harvested – and we too must let things fall in order to change and evolve. Release the fear of letting things go and embrace natures cycle: Every season is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. Everything has a moment of creation and letting go – both are equally beautiful. Draw inspiration from the last gasp of nature: The preciousness lies in the transience of the moment.