8 Ways to Relax in Today`s Modern Hustle

In todays` modern hustle it is sometimes hard to unwind and to find a moment of true inner relaxation. 60 hours work weeks, the rise of smartphones, highways collapsing under traffic and the constant temptation of electronic devices have created an increasingly stressful environment. These 8 Tips will help you to find your inner peace – The new success.

Relax to shine bright

Modern life has brought many amenities. Traveling to distant places, greater flexibility and a rise in external wealth. – Overall we are all doing pretty well at living a life of comfort foregoing the hardships of generations before. But it seems, like in every area, that this progress does not come at no cost.

I was 18 years old, addressing the lack of time we had for an exam, when my teacher told me “Performance is work per time.” I still remember his words today and how I was startled to find a response to this physical formula. “Time is Money” is in fact the credo that our fast paced society lives by. Modern life naturally has inherent a certain amount of stress. In the past years, however, stress levels have risen to such an extent that even the World Health Organization called it the health epidemic of the 21st century by. Besides the tremendous costs for companies (American business spend about $ 300 billion annually), stress kills happiness and causes a wide range of negative effects:

  • Difficulty of focusing on tasks
  • Health Risks
  • More errors at work
  • Tensions with coworkers and family

Relaxing rituals can help you to keep your inner balance despite the challenges of modern life. It has never been more important to take the time to rest and refuel in order to shine bright. These 8 relaxing rituals will show you how to unwind in your everyday life…

8 Ways to Relax

1) Take time for yourself

After a long day, it is very tempting to feed the rest of the night with TV and your favourite shows on Netflix. The amount of actual relaxation for our self, however, is limited. Recent studie have shown that media can be an actual cause of depletion. It is very important to take time for yourself in order to unwind: A relaxing bath can do miracles or sometimes simply doing nothing can help to de-stress and truly benefit from down time.

2) Workout

Working out drives up our heart rate and relieves stress and tensions in your body. Moreover, physical activity helps bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. Working out does not only make you happier, but refuels your body with fresh oxygen especially when exercising in nature.

3) Reading

Reading a book requires our full attention. In our modern world of multitasking and constant sensory overload, we often lose the ability to fully concentrate on one task. Reading is one of the best ways to practice concentration by challenging our fantasy diving into one story.

4) Cook & Socialize

Use your free time to cook or pursue any other hobby. Some people lose themselves for hours in handicraft activities. I love to cook, I have never felt unhappy after preparing a tasty meal…And the belly is filled too. Share your creations with family or friends and the happiness is even doubled.

5) No Phone Zone

Responding to texts, emails and checking social media are one of the main causes why we often feel restless. Our smartphones are the last company when we switch off the light in bed and the first thing to reach for in the morning. Take a break from your phone, create a no phone zone or simply switch it off a certain period to restore moments of privacy.

6) “Forest Therapy”

The benefits of spending time in nature have been scientifically proven . “Forest therapy” is one of the most effective ways to relieve stressful states. Besides numerous other positive effects, researchers found a decrease in heart rate and levels of cortisol in subjects. Even the view of nature out a window is associated with lower stress and higher job satisfaction for office workers!

7) Create a relaxing atmosphere

Atmosphere is everything. Our senses are very sensitive to every stimuli we give them. Candles, warm tea, relaxing music and scents create a calming atmosphere for body, mind & soul.

8) Weekend Trip

There is not always the time for an enduring vacation, but sometimes even a small getaway can work wonders. A new environment with exciting things to see distracts from everyday problems and mulling over last weeks problems at work. Maybe you even get the chance to spend a relaxing day at the hotel spa.  – You will come back fully refueled.