Lucerne-The Romantic Pearl of Switzerland

Located at the geographical center of Switzerland, Lucerne is known for it`s captivating beauty. Stunning mountainous panoramas, blue waters of the lake, romantic bridges and steamships belong to the city like Pilatus, the house mountain of Lucerne. A journey to Lucerne – Switzerland`s romantic pearl .

A pearl in the world`s most beautiful oyster.

(Alexandre Dumas)



ucerne owes its fame to it`s uniquely picturesque location. Nestled among the foothills of the Alps, the city lies at the end of  Lake Lucerne that has been eternalized by poets and composers. The beauty of Lucerne attracts thousands of visitors each year as the city and the surrounding region rank among the most popular destinations in the world.

Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke)

Chapel Bridge (“Kapellbrücke”) and Watertower
Chapel Bridge (“Kapellbrücke”)

One of Switzerland`s most photographed tourist attractions and a main landmark of Lucerne is the historical Chapel Bridge (“Kapellbrücke”) with its water tower (“Wasserturm”). Europe`s oldest wooden covered footbridge is a unique walk across the Reuss River. The bridge is ornamented with interior paintings dating back to the 17th century, which had to be restored after a fire destroyed two thirds of the cultural monument.

Multiple bridges are crossing the Reuss River in Lucerne, connecting the old and the new town. The river originates from the clear waters of Lake Lucerne, which is called “Vierwaldstättersee”.

“The Land of Chocolatiers and Watch Makers!”

Souvenir and watch shops in the city center are a popular destination for visitors.

Switzerland is undeniably the country of chocolate and watchmakers. The prestigious Bucherer flagship store at Schwanenplatz is a solid example for the success of Swiss watch brands.

Where international tourists exit busses to start their city tours, the family owned business (since 1888) confers the center of Lucerne a luxurious aura. Swiss precision and quality are not the only secrets behind the success of the watchmaker. Bucherer owes it`s  international popularity to the slogan “Made of Lucerne”  – and a strong brand identity to the city, where 130 years ago everything started with the very first Bucherer boutique. Bucherer Schwanenplatz 5, Lucerne

Confiserie Bachmann

It is only in the land of chocolate-makers, where chocolate fountains smoothly flow down walls. At Confiserie Bachmann, one of the leading Swiss confectioners, the smell of chocolate lies in the air, colourful macarons, pralines and chocolate variations are lined up in showcases. All products are daily handmade by more than 200 confectioners and bakers that guarantee absolute freshness and quality. Confiserie Bachmann Zentralstraße 1, Luzern

Confiserie "Bachmann"
Confiserie “Bachmann”
Macarons at “Bachmann”

Colourful House facades & Carnival

A stroll through the old town of Lucerne (“Altstadt”), reveals beautiful historical houses, small squares with fountains, restaurants and cafés. Well-preserved facade paintings are telling the stories of customs and celebrations in Lucerne. From February 8th until February 13th the city is the center of carnival celebrations in the region, when bizarre masks, costumes and rhythmic beats are taking over the streets. Three large parades are marking the highlights of Lucerne`s carnival, starting with “schmutziger Donnerstag” (Dirty Thursday).

Hotel Restaurant Anker

Since 1914 “Hotel Restaurant Anker” has been located at Pilatusplatz. Once a meeting point & community center for the working class, the historical building near the station has been remodeled into a chic Boutique Hotel – and a new & stylish world was born. The colourful vintage-style restaurant, bar and lounge invite for dinner, drinks or snacks after shopping. A refreshing design oasis for well-being, right in the center of Lucerne. Pilatusstrasse 36, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland

A Design Oasis for well-being

Events & Tips

Lucerne is also called the city of festivals. Events like the Lucerne Festival, the Lucerne Blues Festival and the Blue Balls Festival attract music fans from all over the world.

February 8th 2018

Carnival “Schmutziger Donnerstag” with parade (Fritschiumzug) starting at 2 pm

February 12th 2018

Carnival “Güdismontag” with parade (Weyumzug) starting 2 pm

February 13th 2018

Carnival “Güdisdienstag” with parade (“Monstercorso”) starting 7.30 pm

March 17th – March 25th 2018

“Lucerne Festival”

April 14th – April 22nd 2018

Fumetto International Comix-Festival

July 20th – July 28th 2018

Blue Balls Festival

“Golden Round Trip”

From May until October, the  “Golden Round Trip” is one of the most spectacular tours you will experience. By boat, Panorama Gondolas and the world`s steepest cogwheel railway, the trip takes you up to Alpnachstad and “Kulm peak” on top of mount Pilatus.