A Trip to “Rheingau”-Germany`s Thousand-Year Old Wine Region

“Rheingau” is considered one of Germany`s most distinguished wine regions. Only 30 minutes away from the metropolis Frankfurt, you can discover a paradise for wine lovers, where fairytale-like castles rise into the sky and ancient wine estates are celebrating centuries-old wine culture. 

The beautiful landscape along the dreamy Rhine valley is often referred to as the “Tuscany of Germany”. Vineyards, as far as the eye can see, are covering the steep slopes. Castles & monasteries are telling the history of thousand-year-old wine culture, passed on to the young winemakers of today. On sunny weekends, crowds of visitors flock through the small streets of “Eltville”, “Oestrich-Winkel” or “Rüdesheim” – an area that has reached fame for it`s “Riesling” wine and countless wineries. Half-timbered houses are leaning against small alleys, which seem to fall back into a deep sleep as soon as the tourists are gone.

An area that has reached fame for it`s Riesling wine and countless wineries


Estate “Baron Knyphausen”

The wine-growing estate “Baron Knyphausen” is one of “Rheingau’s” oldest viticultural enterprises. The tastefully renovated wine estate is a beautiful oasis of country life. Several nicely furnished rooms and a spacious apartment are inviting to stay overnight. Surrounded by vineyards and green, guests can enjoy Tuscan flair at this beautiful venue, which is also hosting weddings & events.

The Beauty of Country Life


Johannisberg Castle

Majestically residing above the slopes of hilly vineyards, “Johannisberg Castle” (“Schloss Johannisberg”) can be recognised already from a distance. The world’s first Riesling wine estate embraces 1,200 years of viticulture history, with origins traced back to it`s beginnings as a Benedictine monastery. The wine estate, which hosts a fine restaurant & wine shop, unveils captivating views of the Rhine valley.


“Heinrich`s” wine house & wine bar is representing a new generation of  wine makers. The weekly changing menu offers a fine selection of wines, craft beers, cider, as well as delicious homemade tarte flambées, tapas & sandwiches that can be enjoyed in a stylish atmosphere. Heinrich`s enriches the established wine scenery with a refreshing concept – loved by young & elderly.

A refreshing concept that enriches the established wine scenery.

Tarte Flambée at Heinrich`s
Tarte Flambée at Heinrich`s

 “Abbey Eberbach”

“Eberbach Abbey” (“Kloster Eberbach”), located at the outskirts of Eltville, exemplifies the history of German viticulture like no other place. As one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval monasteries, the 1000 year old Romanesque & Gothic abbey takes you to an impressive time journey back in history. The massive wine cellars remind until today of the power of one of the most successful wine trader in the world.

 1000 year-old wine history

The ancient walls of the monastery have even reached fame as a scenery for the film “The name of the Rose”, featuring stars like Sean Connery. Until today, wine is produced at the impressive site, which is considered the largest winery in Germany.

“Rüdesheim” and the world-famous “Drosselgasse”

Each year, 3 million visitors from all over the world flock to the “Drosselgasse” of “Rüdesheim”. In the most famous street of the town, happiness & coziness is celebrated in restaurants & wine bars. For those who like it a bit more airy, between March and November a cable car trip takes you up the steep slopes to the Germania monument – from which you can enjoy a marvelous panorama of the valley & surrounding vineyards.

3 million visitors from all over the world flock to the “Drosselgasse” each year

The tradition & culture of the “Rheingau” reaches far beyond its borders. Several events & fests carry the vitality of the region to surrounding cities (see below). For some “Rheingau” is a wine lover`s paradise, for others simply a place of retreat. Like the Tuscany in Italy, “Rheingau” is a golden treasure – with its very own magic for everyone.

A Golden Treasure

 with its very own magic for everyone.


“Rheingau” Music Festival

June 23rd – September 1st 2018 / June 22nd – August 31st 2019


Apple Wine (“Apfelwein”) Festival Frankfurt

October 10th – October 19th 2018 / October 9th – October 18th 2019


“Rheingau” Wine Festival Wiesbaden

August 10th 2018 – August 19th 2018 / August 9th – August 18th 2019


“Rheingau” Wine Market Frankfurt

August 29th – September 7th / August 28th – September 6th 2019