48 Hours in Amsterdam-Europe`s Vibrant Top City Destination

Amsterdam, the bustling capital of the Netherlands has it all! From picturesque canal streets to stylish restaurants & boutiques. From neat neighborhoods like “9 Straatjes” to upcoming hip areas like “De Pijp”. If you are in search for vibrant nightlife or eclectic museums & culture, the free spirit of Amsterdam is an inspiration in every way!


Most visitors that arrive in Amsterdam by train via the Central Station are stunned right away by the bustling energy of the city. Beautiful waterside houses and charming canal streets have become a landmark of Amsterdam, like the bicycle and free-spirited energy of the city! Amsterdam impresses with more bridges than Paris and more canals than Venice! Around the Dam Square, ultimate centre of the city, different areas and neighborhoods circle with their very own treasures.

Bloggers, influencers and all sorts of creatives have discovered the Dutch capital. The secret of Amsterdam? It combines the cosmopolitan energy of a metropolis with the charm of a small town. Welcome to one of the world`s top city destinations!

Amsterdam combines the energy of a vibrant metropolis with the charm & beauty of a small town.


Amsterdam is a beautiful example of a vibrant, international melting pot. The first stop for many visitors is the “I AM AMSTERDAM” sign, where crowds of school classes gather to get a snapshot in front of the the life-size letters. The iconic sign located right behind the Rijksmuseum is one of the most photographed landmarks in Amsterdam and a celebration of the open-minded, welcoming spirit of the city.  Hobbemastraat 19, 1071 XZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam`s Museums Quarter is home to some of the worlds most important artistic & historical treasures.

Only a few steps away, you can marvel the masterpieces of some of the biggest artists of the Netherlands at the Rijksmuseum. The national museum is home to over 8000 paintings, statutes and artefacts, including works by Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer and Vincent Van Gogh. Amsterdam`s rich Museums Quarter exemplifies the impressive history of arts in the Netherlands. From ancient history to contemporary art at the “Stedelijk Museum”, culture lovers can embrace some of the world`s most important artistic & historical treasures. Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great Hall Rijksmuseum
The impressive Great Hall at Rijksmuseum

Bloemenmarkt ( Flower Market)

In the Dutch capital, everything centers around the canals, even the flower market (“Bloemenmarkt”) is located on the water. The only floating flower market in the world presents Dutch floridity all year round. Between April and May, you can witness the famous tulip bloom in large areas outside of the city, where colourful seas of flowers attract thousands of spectators. Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam, Netherlands

The only floating flower market in the world.

“The City of Bicycles”

Bicycles are far more than a means of transportation in Amsterdam – It is a way of life! The capital of the Netherlands is the only city in the world where you can find more bicycles than people! No wonder that rush hour looks different here. Due to short distances and the flat geography, crowds of bicycles are rushing to work – and you better not stand in their way.

Veloretti Amsterdam
Veloretti Amsterdam

Bicycles are far more than a means of transportation in Amsterdam, it is a way of life!

In the city of bicycles, you can rent a bicycle on every corner. “Fuck Cars” sums up the motto of Amsterdam – and VELORETTIa shop, where you can find stylish handcrafted bicycles (starting from 360 Euro) and advice from real bicycle enthusiasts. VELORETTI Van Woustraat 72, 1073 LN Amsterdam, Netherlands


“De Pijp” is one of Amsterdam`s most upcoming hip neighbordhoods. The former working class district has turned into one of Amsterdam`s most popular areas with vibrant eateries, hip bars & cool shops. A stroll over the “Albert Cuyp Market”, the biggest market of Amsterdam, will provide you with anything from oranges to household supplies.

One of the most upcoming neighborhoods in Amsterdam

Right at the famous Albert Cuypstraat, the fashion boutique NOOR is located. The popular brand is loved for it`s clothes & accessories in vibrant colours, which shine bright even on grey Amsterdam days. – A must stop to shop Amsterdam`s cool style! Albert Cuypstraat 145, 1074 CS Amsterdam, Niederlande 


Locals Coffee
Locals Coffee

Locals Coffee located in Amsterdam`s hip “De Pijp” neighbourhood is one of my favourite spots to have breakfast or brunch! Fresh croissants, juices, sandwiches – and of course good coffee are waiting for you. The atmosphere is relaxing & cool; a super friendly service makes you feel welcome like a local right away. The perfect way to tart your day! Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 27-H, 1072 BC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Breakfast at Locals Coffee
Locals Coffee


Corner Bakery
Corner Bakery

If you are looking for Instagrammable places, you are perfectly right at Corner Bakery. Watch blogger-stars like Kae Sutherland taking pictures of deliciously looking pancakes and smoothie bowls as Instagram and reality connect. Corner Bakery is famous for its luscious milkshakes topped with donuts & candy, a must-post for Instagram! Johannes Vermeerstraat 40, 1071 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands


The picturesque streets of “9 Straatjes” are one best shopping address in Amsterdam. In the 9 little streets surrounded by beautiful canals and bridges, neat boutiques, vintage stores & individual shops are lined, where you can soak up the stylish feel of Amsterdam. When your feet start to hurt, relax in a cozy café, while enjoying the beautiful scenery.



The vintage-style café Pluk is a popular coffee spot! The neat eatery is loved for it`s cakes, healthy foods & drinks, served by the friendly “Pluk girls” – not to forget their cute accessories, cups & notebooks (Check their homepage) to shop! Pluk stands for a plant-based healthy life that has managed to create a vibrant “Plukkers” community with 65k followers on Instagram! Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam, Niederlande & Beerenstraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam, Niederlande


Libertine is a super-nicely designed all-day café located in the cozy “9 Straatjes”! From 9 am to midnight every day, you can enjoy soulful music and a stylish atmosphere with some prosciutto di Parma, Italian Pizza or simply a glass of wine. I fell in LOVE with the vibes of this cool place – and I would wonder if you don`t. Wolvenstraat 22, 1016 EP Amsterdam, Netherlands


Jansz Restaurant
Jansz Restaurant

Part of the acclaimed Pulitzer Hotel, Jansz Restaurant combines beautifully crafted modern classics with an easy going Dutch attitude. The picturesque restaurant with views to the canals serves upper-scale cuisine for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Jansz brings back original Amsterdam feel with a modern twist! – Restaurant perfection in every way. Jansz. Restraat 8 1016 GZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


On beautiful days, people soak up the sun outside of Dante, enjoying views of the Amsterdam canals. Located right in the center of historic Amsterdam, the Grand Café with heigh ceilings could be located in Paris or New York. The restaurant serves Dutch specialties as well as international delights. An eye catcher is the impressive wooden bar lined with hundreds of bottles up to the ceiling. Spuistraat 320, 1012 VX Amsterdam, Niederlande


Amsterdam`s Municipal Theatre (Stadsschouwburg)
Amsterdam`s Municipal Theatre (Stadsschouwburg) at Leidesplein

Amsterdam is a bustling city, which is famous for it`s eclectic nightlife! More than 1,500 bars & cafes guarantee that there is always a party! At Leidesplein, you can find a lively entertainment area just around the corner from Vondelpark with many bars, night clubs & restaurants.

Rembrandtplein is known for it`s many pubs, restaurants and terraces. In the centre of the square, the Dutch Master Rembrandt and a group of statues are preforming his masterpiece “The Night Watch”, whose original you can see the at Rijksmuseum. Melkweg is a good address in Amsterdam to check for live events & performing artists like the stunning Jacob Banks.

Amsterdam, I had an amazing time! I can’t thank enough for the inspiration & great energy of this free-spirited city! Until next time, in the meantime, I can proudly say I AM AMSTERDAM (too)!


The Dam Square, hosting the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, was developed as a dam in the Amstel river.

(LGBT) rights in the Netherlands have been some of the most progressive in the world. – A fact to which the Amsterdam homo monument pays tribute.

Amsterdam has more bridges than Paris and more canals than Venice!

There are about 880 000 bicycles in Amsterdam, more than residents!

A Tram day pass is only 7.50 Euro and will get you anywhere.

There is free WIFI in almost every restaurant or café and even charging stations, where you can recharge your phone for 1 Euro.

The train to the Shiphol airport is convenient and only takes 15 minutes!