Spring Days in Mainz-Vibrant University City at the Rhine River

This year, spring has been so beautiful in my hometown “Mainz” that it almost felt like a summer vacation. The vibrant German wine town located at the banks of the Rhine River has been in full bloom these first sunny days. From medieval alleys in old town & hip coffee spots in cozy neighbourhoods to beautiful days at the Rhine River – my favourite spots to enjoy these spring days in the city of “Mainz”.


At the heart of Mainz, the weekly farmer`s market is a vibrant attraction against the backdrop of the thousand years old cathedral. Every Saturday, during spring and summer time, “Marktfrühstück” is the most popular breakfast under free sky! The event has turned into a cultural institution, where crowds of young people meet to embrace the beautiful scenery with local specialties such as pretzel, “Spundekäs” (cheese spread) & Riesling wine.

"Mainzer Dom" (cathedral)
“Mainzer Dom”(cathedral) and the market square

Right at the center of the market square, the modern café “Wilma Wonder”  is located. At the spacious location, you can enjoy a relaxed brunch or healthy drink surrounded by lively atmosphere! The upper terrace unveils nice views of the ancient square and bustling market life. Markt 11, 55116 Mainz

The city`s most popular breakfast under free sky.

Young people embracing the atmosphere at the popular “Marktfrühstück”.

Mediterranean Atmosphere in Old Town

"Augustiner" street with a view of the cathedral
“Augustiner” street with view of the cathedral

On sunny days, the ancient alleys of the Old Town in Mainz enchant with Mediterranean flair. Small eateries, restaurants & boutiques at the main street “Augustinerstraße” invite for shopping & dining. Pizzeria Pepe is one of the oldest-established pizzerias of Mainz, where fabulous Italian food is served for reasonable prices – even until late at night. At numerous small wine bars, you can embrace the vibrant wine culture of Mainz and the surrounding region, which has been named one of the World`s Great Wine Capitals. Pizzeria Pepe. Augustinerstraße 21, 55116 Mainz

Original Italian flair and pizza bruschetta at Pizzeria Pepe.


“Oberstadt” is considered one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Mainz, where old villas and dreamy backyards line green avenues. Around spring time, “Ritter” street (“Ritterstraße”) turns into a pink sea of flowers, when dozens of cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. The unique spectacle is capture by hobby photographers as well as passing car drivers marvelling the picturesque scenery.

A pink sea of flowers


Cherry blossoms at “Ritterstraße” attracting visitors & photographers. 

History At The Castle

The castle (Schloss) is one of the most prominent landmarks of Mainz and the first sight recognized when crossing the Theodor-Heuss Bridge. One of Europe’s finest Renaissance buildings is a reminder of pompous history as former archbishop`s residence and French occupation under Napoleon, who initialised the destruction of parts of the landmark.

Theodor Heuss Bridge, crossing the Rhine River, is connecting the neighbouring states of “Hessen” and “Rheinland-Pfalz”.

Young Energy

"Annabatterie" Café
“Annabatterie” Café

Mainz is a university city with vibrant energy. In the neighborhood New Town (“Neustadt”), a multicultural blend of young students & families has revived the former working class district. Especially around “Gartenfeldplatz” small eateries, local bars and individual cafés like “Annabatterie” (deliciously homemade cakes & pastries) spur the open-minded & creative atmosphere of the quarter. Gartenfeldplatz 2, 55118 Mainz

Annabatterie Café at "Gartenfeldplatz
Vintage-style atmosphere at “Annabatterie” Café. 


If you take a walk up the hilly “Gaustraße”, away from the hustle of the city, you can enjoy the best coffee in town at “Kaffeekommune”. A number of individual eateries like “Dicke Lilli, Gutes Kind”“Im Herzen Afrikas” (“In the Heart of Africa”), bar “Hubert” and “Marlene”have brought refreshing life & gastronomical richness to the upcoming hip area. Breidenbacherstraße 9, 55116 Mainz

Relax At The Rhine River

At the banks of the Rhine River and the “Fort Malakoff Passage”, young people like to unwind in the sun or end balmy nights with a glass of wine. The best location for the most popular ice cream shop “N`Eis”, where even the police waits in line to enjoy deliciously homemade ice cream variations with natural ingredients from peach to moringa.


 “Bootshaus” Restaurant

The restaurant “Bootshaus” is one of the best locations to enjoy the beautiful waterside atmosphere of Mainz. Next to the rowing club, the spacious eatery, operated by the German star cook “Frank Buchholz”, invites for fine country cuisine right at the banks of the Rhine River. A large outdoor seating area and lounge set the perfect ambiance for an evening drink and to embrace Mediterranean flair by the water . Victor-Hugo-Ufer 1, 55116 Mainz

Enjoying the sunshine at the “Bootshaus” with sparkling rose champagne almost made me forget I was in my hometown. Just like all of this spring, I felt like on a small vacation in Italy, just much closer at home in Mainz :)!

xo, Jessica



Dagobertstraße 24, 55116 Mainz

Gartenfeldpl. 12, 55118 Mainz


Victor-Hugo-Ufer 1, 55116 Mainz


Breidenbacherstraße 9, 55116 Mainz

“Dicke Lili Gutes Kind”

Breidenbacherstraße 9, 55116 Mainz

Im Herzen Afrikas”

Gaustraße 38, 55116 Mainz

Bar Hubert

Gaustraße 12, 55116 Mainz


Pizzeria Pepe

Augustinerstraße 21, 55116 Mainz

Wilma Wunder

Markt 11, 55116 Mainz