HAPPY MOTHER`S DAY to the “Rockstar of our Life”

Mother`s Day



to the true Rockstar of our life:

There is no limit to the things a mother does for her kids.

There is no greater love, than the love a mother gives.


A mother`s love is not loud,

mom is a rockstar that doesn’t scream for the crowds

but she is the only one who wakes up at night,

when teenagers haven’t returned – at a time right.


A mother`s love doesn’t know any bound,

she plays the biggest concerts without a dollar come around.

 I guess I have to become a mother myself to understand,

how your entire soul & energy for another human can burn

without wanting anything in return!

The wiz of a mother

makes it easy to grasp why

every man has a wife,

 but his mother is his only girl for life!


Mom, you bring the color to my life!

There is no way I can ever pay you back,

what I have received from you.

But today I want you to know that you are the