Hey Vogue, you are not untouchable!

Photo Credit: Margaret Zang Instagram

(Photo Credit: Margaret Zhang Instagram)

Since social media & bloggers have revolutionized many niches of our modern life – they have been increasingly under scrutiny. I write a blog and many times I face questioning faces with implicit narcissism assumptions when talk shifts to what I am doing. That I didn’t even consider myself a blogger, when I started my website is irrelevant at that moment, but we like to put a label on everything – and for simplicity I am putting on this shoe.

On Mother`s Day, I read an Instagram post of a famous singer that shared several videos, but asked bloggers to please not post about this special day (deleted in the meantime). There is undeniably a truth in that wish, trapped in the illusory world of social media, we tend to forget more and more to embrace a moment! But I would lie if I didn’t say that I was offended – and it made me think back, when one year ago, Vogue editors took down fashion bloggers in a recap of Milan Fashion Week, causing a strong backlash from social media influencers, bloggers and female entrepreneurs!

Photo by Taline Gabriel Instagram

I love to write, I can take pictures that are decent, I love to style and to express myself. I consider myself an aesthetic person that loves to CREATE – and to be honest I was weary of the already existing! I am neither from a wealthy background and I don’t have a photographer boyfriend – but what I have is my creativity! I am endlessly thankful that I live in the times of social media, which gives me (and thousands of other young entrepreneurs) the chance to connect with people from all over the world without possessing a fortune! Sure, there are pitfalls – I see the danger of unrealistic beauty ideals and I guess we all have to limit the time & space in our life we devote to social media feeds, but the same is for all media used in unhealthy amounts (no one is complaining about TV).

 I don`t have to be represented by the existing, I can express myself!

Photo by Aimee Song Instagram

I am proud of all the young entrepreneurs in the digital space! I am thankful for the inspiration I draw from blogger stars & badass women like Hippie Lane (Taline Gabriel),  Songofstyle (Aimee Song) and Tuulavintage (Jessica Stein). The large amount of high-quality content that is created on a daily basis enriches not only my horizon – but it sets new standards in the food, style, fashion & design industry! When big companies take on healthy food trends, advertising posters starting to look like blogger shots – I consider it an amazing democratic movement with endless opportunities!

Keep challenging the status quo, shake up the establishment. I don`t have to be represented by the existing, I can express myself, I can follow my own path – and how amazing it feels if I can inspire others along the way! Because “Hey Vogue, you are not untouchable!”