New Year Motivation: NEW YORK-“The Big City of Dreams”

Waking up in NYC is different from any other city in the world. The piercing howl of sirens, speeding yellow cabs and dizzying skyscrapers are unmistaken signs that you have made it to New York City. In the concrete jungle of blinking billboards and human crowds rushing to the beat of traffic lights, the spirit of endless possibilities rises every morning with the sun above the skyline of Manhattan.

“This is New York City!” is the most casual answer to the fast paced hustle between sky rocking glamour and lifes casualties on sidewalks. The city that never sleeps claims so much energy that it needs to blow off heat from steam pipes every once and a while. I had spent the past days between Christmas and New Year, squeezing through crowds at Rockefeller Center, wandering around former artist lofts in Soho now turned luxury chain stores, strolled through beautiful streets in West Village and bent my head in awe of the monumental One Tower. And if the crowds of tourists wouldn`t have been a friendly reminder of reality, I would have imagined myself starring in “Home Alone” or “Sex and the City”. On the first morning of 2019, I glanced at the skyline of Manhattan from an apartment complex on 31st street. For once, The Big City of Dreams was peacefully at sleep. The skyscrapers of Downtown seemed reachable with my fingertips and the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty magically lifted its lamp from the illuminated Hudson River Bay.



It is the beginning of a New Year with many blank pages to be filled. I hope you wake up every morning to the spirit of New York City: Believe in the endless possibilities ahead of you, let nothing diminish your greatness, like musicians defying the rattling noise of New Yorks subway, if you fall, build yourself back up, taller than before, trust in the small steps it takes to reach the top of a skyscraper, embrace the not so pretty sides of the hustle and most importantly have the courage to step out of your comfort zone. The most dizzying dreams lie right ahead of you, magically like the skyline of New York City – you just have to reach out for it.

Images left to right: trainofthoughtnyc, Christina Fleming, shuntaonguitar