Endless Ways to Style a Summer Scarf

This week, we have been facing another heatwave in Europe! And while temperatures have been simmering like a furnace (most homes here are without air conditioning) and clear thoughts have been challenging, we have been adjusting our daily routines to the high temperatures with gimmicks usually common in the Southern Hemisphere. But if you have been close enough to walking out of the house in a bikini, you know too well that the right airy clothes are a salvation on hot summer days: For me, the summer scarf has become an essential accessory and clothing!

Once you start experimenting, you will find out that there are endless effortless styles: From summer skirt to breezy dress or top, these are my favourite ways to wrap a scarf staying cool and fashionable in the summertime!

Who is ready to beat the heat with me?

1) Summer Skirt

A wrap skirt can be a casual cover for the beach over a bikini or a cute look on a regular summer day paired with a shirt. For this look, you fold a larger scarf into a long rectangle. Then wrap it around your waste from back to front and tie a knot on the side or back.

The benefit of a wrap skirt is that you can adjust it to different body types, personal taste or occasions. Easily vary the skirt by changing the length from mini skirt to maxi.

2) The Tube

I have been in love with crop tops this summer! This one is an easy wrap: Simply wrap a scarf long enough to cross your chest and tie it in the back. Styled with a high waste skirt or pants you can show your midriff as a beautiful extra accessory!

As a variation, fold the scarf into a triangle and tie it in the back. “A beautiful rear can also endear!”

3) Headwrap

Headwraps are the perfect summer accessory! They don’t just protect your scalp from sunrays, but give you the ultimate Boho look! Use a beautifully patterned scarf or a Bandana, latter naturally come in the perfect size. You can vary the look by showing more or less hair.

For a more flaring style: Tie the scarf into a knot in front of your head!

4) Furoshiki Bag

The Furoshiki Bag is an ancient Japanese art of wrapping cloth. You can use it well for grocery shopping or as a daytime bag for running errands! For this technique, you will need a bigger scarf. Fold it into a triangle and tie a knot on the right & left end. Turn the points upwards (inside out). Twist the long ends and tie them together!

5) Cross Over Halter Dress

Turn your scarf into a sexy halter dress: You can style this look casually to the beach or dressed up with high heels for a night out! Wrap a longer scarf around your chest and tie a knot in front. Use both ends, twist them and wrap them around your neck to tie a knot at the back of your neck.

Who knew there are so many ways to style…

a summer scarf?