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It all goes back to my grandmother. Coming from a big family with many grandchildren, my grandmother was not only taking care of everyone, but also cooking and baking with the greatest love and compassion.

I remember days when I woke up in the morning and I could already smell a roast in the oven. Everything she cooked, baked or prepared was homemade, with fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden. Apple pies in the summertime, dumplings on cold days and hundreds of cookies around Christmas time. She taught us the value of whole foods and that even the most simple things can be delicious. While my grandmother`s kitchen was very traditional German-Bavarian, my mother opened up the doors to the cuisines of the world: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Mexican. No matter the nationality of the dish – every meal is homemade with fresh whole foods and natural ingredients. Each dinner is a cultural event where the family gathers around good food.

I experienced the importance of a meal.

I naturally enjoyed a very healthy kitchen at home.  However, after a buffet in Las Vegas, I realized that my body was in some way “allergic” to processed food. I started to actively pay attention to the ingredients of products and I realized that almost anything you can buy in a supermarket has artificial additives, even when you would never expect it. This was when I started to only use unprocessed basic whole foods and make the products myself without any additives. I was absolutely surprised when I realized that there is nothing you can not make at home, that without much effort you can create products which taste better, are healthier and are more varied. I experienced the importance of a meal. What we feed our body does not only impact our physical health, but also our mind, our mood and even our brain. The way we nourish ourselves is more than refueling energy, but a reflection of our culture and a way of life. 

What we feed our body does not only impact our physical health, but also our mind, our mood and even our brain.

Cooking is only one beautiful part of life. Life is such an amazing gift that we should live it to the fullest, thrive and enjoy every day: Follow our passions, travel to see the world, read to feed our soul or work out to free our mind. I hope that I can open the doors to some parts of this beautiful life, because we only have one


Yours Jessica