Yoga – Breathing Nature in the Swiss Mountains

Every once and a while, we need to break clear and wash our spirit clean. It is close to nature`s heart that our body and mind can find absolute inner calm. I made a trip to Switzerland`s mountainous regions, taking my yoga mat with me for a one of a kind yoga session. Surrounded by an alpine panorama, crystal clear air and absolute tranquility, there could not have been a more magical experience.

Find Peace for BODY & SOUL

In the heart of Switzerland, Villa Honegg is a one of a kind place to relax and unwind. Located 914 metres above sea level, the hotel offers stunning views of the mountain region surrounding the “Vierwaldstättersee” (Lake Lucerne). Find peace for BODY & SOUL in the spa landscape with a panoramic outdoor pool. Embrace a unique closeness to nature that leaves you awestruck by it`s breathtaking beauty.

Villa Honegg 6373 Ennetbürgen, Switzerland