Weltenburg Abbey – The World`s Oldest Monastic Brewery

Weltenburg Abbey Weltenburg Abbey

The picturesque scenery of Weltenburg Abbey has fascinated visitors from all over the world. The stunning nature, centuries-old brewing history and heavenly divinity put a spell on everyone who has seen this place. A day at Weltenburg Abbey – The world`s oldest monastic brewery!

Bavaria `s Oldest Monastery

When you pass the winding streets through untouched nature and beautiful valleys, you can feel that you are approaching a hidden gem. Thousands of visitors from around the globe flock to Weltenburg Abbey each year. The road to Bavaria`s oldest and most scenic monastery leads to the small town of Kelheim in Germany, about 25 miles West of Regensburg.

Weltenburg Narrows

The 1400 year old monastery is set on a picturesque peninsula of the Weltenburg Narrows, where the Danube river breaks into a fairytale-like canyon. Surrounded by wild-romantic nature, “Altmühl Valley” is a paradise for hikers, rock-climbers and outdoor lovers. On beautiful days, the island is bustling with families & kids, big ships loaded with passengers are departing for tours into the picturesque canyon.



“The Way of St. James”

As you wander through the hilly meadows above the Benedictine monastery, paths are lined with wayside shrines. The small Frauenberg chapel, which was built on the foundation of a roman temple, is overseeing the adjacent forests. Wanderers are resting on wooden benches – This place radiates a divinity and inner peacefulness that is rare to find. Even if you had never learned about it, you can feel that these paths belong to The Way of St. James, the historical pilgrimage to Santiago De Compostela.

  Baroque Benedictine Monastery

The beautiful baroque style Church of St. Georg is one of the most important baroque style sacral buddings of Europe.

The World `s Oldest Monastic Brewery

Weltenburg Abbey has made itself a name as the world`s oldest monastic brewery. In 1050, monks were the first ones to start brewing beer in the abbey according to ancient recipes. – Until this day, a variety of beers are locally produced, including the famous Weltenburg “Dunkel”, which has been repeatedly distinguished as the best dark beer in the world (World Beer Cup).

“One of Bavaria `s most beautiful beer gardens.”

Smoked trout with German potato salad

Behind the ancient walls of the monastery, a beautiful beer garden is located. The airy outdoor restaurant is considered one of Bavaria`s most beautiful beer gardens. In the shades of old trees, you can enjoy traditional meals, local beer and Bavarian conviviality. As the sunlight shines in the golden trees against the backdrop of the monastery, I embrace the moment: There are some magical places, whose images you are never going to forget. Weltenburg Abbey is one of them.


Opening Hours Beer Garden

until October 31st 2017
daily 9 am – 7 pm

November 1st – December 17th 2017
daily 10 am – 6 pm

Season Start 2018 March 17th
daily 10 am – 6 pm

Weltenburg Abbey Asamstraße 32, 93309 Kelheim, Germany