Monday Motivation-How to Channel Your Inner Beyoncé & Crush Your Goals!

We all have this moment. You have put in so much sweat and work into something, you have “busted your a**”, worked late night hours. Despite all the efforts you have made, you still haven’t achieved your goal – and you are bluntly about to give up. No way, keep on slaying! These 6 tips are going to help you to to channel you inner Beyoncé and to crush any goal!

“Channel your inner Beyoncé and keep on slaying.”


1.) Celebrate how far you have come.

Sometimes we are so overly focused on a certain goal that we don’t see the progress we have made along the way. Without the small steps, without the brick stones, you can’t build a house! So it is important to look back every once and a while and see how far we have actually come! Pat yourself on the shoulder for what you have already accomplished so far and use it as a motivation for your goal lying ahead!

2.) Positive mindset is EVERYTHING!

It is nearly impossible to achieve something without the right set of mind. The most important game changer, when it comes to tackling hurdles, is your own believe in yourself. No one else is going to believe in you, if you are not 100% convinced of what you are doing. Be aware that everything can change with a glimpse. One obstacle you cross, one person you meet, one journey – can change EVERYTHING! Always have in the back of your mind that life can shift in ways you would have never been able to imagine – and the seemingly impossible is possible at every moment!

The seemingly impossible is possible at every moment!

3.) Remember why you started

Whatever you want to accomplish, might it be a University degree, professional path or entrepreneurial projects, PRIORITIZE JOY! Don’t`t take this journey too serious. Remember WHY you are doing this in the first place. Learn for curiosity, start a company because you want to bring change – have a greater mission in mind that motivates you putting in the hours of work!

4.) Dont`t compare yourself to others

Never ever compare yourself to the accomplishments and timing of others. Every path is individual, every journey is different – learn to walk to the beat of your own rhythm! The only person you should compare yourself is the person you were yesterday and the progress you have made.

5.) Get out of your comfort zone

Some ceilings seem unbreakable, no matter how much force you use. Leave your comfort zone, conquer your fears, be bold and search for new ways you would not dare to walk – and I promise you are going to see quantum leaps! Many times, success is waiting just right around the corner of that moment.

6.) Hard work pays off!

You might not see the results right away – but it is an undeniable rule of life that hard work pays off! With every hour you invest, every sweat you take, every sacrifice you make, you are getting one step closer to your goal. Just be patient enough and you are going to reap the rewards of the seeds you have planted!

How do you stay motivated? Leave your tips in the comments below!